Recital Duo

The Duo brings a new reading that is transparent and free from the pieces played with Orchestra and with the possibility of new repertoire, made exclusively for this minimalistic formation. Son of a classical pianist and a Maestro, Leo Gandelman began his career as a classical musician at the age of 15 performing as a soloist with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra in the “Concertos da Juventude””. Even with the successful career in popular music, Leo never gave up on his classical training is shaped by a duet with the pianist Maria Teresa Madeira based on a classical Brazilian repertoire including Villa-Lobos e Radamés Gnattali.

Maria Teresa Madeira

From the beginning, the intense and multifaceted musical career of the pianist Maria Teresa Madeira is marked by important experiences, both in the artistic field, and in the academic field. She has been a soloist with several orchestras in Brazil and abroad, and participated in biennials of Contemporary Brazilian Music, and was musical director and pianist in several plays and on TV. As an academic she is a professor at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, and also conducts workshops and music festivals throughout Brazil.


  1. Fantasia (Villa Lobos)
  2. Quatro Canções da Floresta do Amazonas (Villa Lobos)
  3. Trenzinho Caipira (Villa Lobos)
  4. Canto do Cisne Negro (Villa Lobos)
  5. Bate Papo (Radamés Gnatalli)
  6. Brasiliana 7 (Radamés Gnatalli)
  7. Valsa Triste (Radamés Gnatalli)
  8. Gaucho (O Corta Jaca) (Chiquinha Gonzaga)
  9. Brejeiro (Ernesto Nazaré)
  10. Le Petit Negre (Debussy)
  11. Le Tambeuax de Couperin (Debussy)
  12. Sicilianne (Fauré)
  13. Peça em Forma de Habanera (Ravel)
  14. Concertino para Sax Alto (Jacques Ibert)